Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Connected again !

Everything looked right. The power cord was plugged in but the laptop battery was not charging. Anxiety was setting in as I was pondering life without my computer for facebook, twitter, blogging and google. I got on a borrowed computer, and thanks to ebay, now have a new power converter ordered ( $11.01 ) with free shipping.yea!!!
Last night I did surgery on my power converter and found that the wire that connects it to the power outlet was broken from me winding it too tight. I spiced it together, taped it up and it works!

There are times in life we get wound up too tight and it can affect our energy level as we get disconnected from the power source. God needs to come in and do the surgery to get us connected to His energy source to give us power to get things done. I am trying to not get wound up so tight that my wire breaks.

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