Thursday, January 7, 2010

The pattern of the heavenly wave

A couple years ago I wrote a blog about the effect of the waves that happen on the sea of life. Much of our understanding in life can be looked at as the pattern that the heavenly wave left on the sand when it retreated. I have often preached on the subject of water. The bible is full of illustrations of life on and around the sea. There are currents that take us where the water is headed. There are storms that toss us to and fro upon the waves. There are wonderful calm times with the sounds of creation all around us and there are times of great noise that cause us to find a place in the cabin of the ship away from the sounds. There are fish and fishermen. There is the sail that must be tended to and there is the island on which to rest. There are great ships that carry thousands and there are small boats that carry one. There are depths to be explored and high wave crests to be ridden.
There are seashells and starfish to be pondered and sand to be sifted through our toes. Thank God today that there are lighthouses to guide us and ports to welcome us. Whatever ship you are on today, enjoy the ride, but don’t forget to look at the pattern that the heavenly wave left on the sand as the tide moved across it.

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