Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tools for the Next Level

There is a verse of scripture that helps me when I am in unfamiliar territory\. 1 John 4:18 : “Perfect love drives out fear.” There are times in life we need to do whatever it takes to overcome our fears. I remember as a small child going by myself to the basement for the very first time. I remember making the decision that since I had been there many times with my parents, and no monsters were present, I was going to do it myself. I still remember the victorious feeling that I had done it. I remember my first solo flight as a student pilot. It was awesome to climb out of that Cessna 172 after flying it without an instructor on board. Living a life with no fear means you never take a risk. Today, whatever is standing in the way needs to be dealt with because my mission is more important than any fear I might have. Besides that, The omnipresent God goes with me and loves me perfectly. I am safe in Him. In ministry, the tools that I use to work at my present level, usually are not sufficient to do the tasks at the next level. When I get to the next level, God asks me to turn in my tools and learn new ones. I just get good at using them and now at the new level they do not work. The new ones are uncomfortable to me and even dangerous to me. They require new skills. God wants to put resources in your hands today. All the resources He has are available to you if you will make it about His Kingdom and not about you.

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