Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Treasures in the corners

As a child one of the most exciting days of the year was the opening of the box of Christmas decorations because it meant a very special day was getting close. I have never been very good at throwing things away. Consequently, there are boxes full of “valuable” stuff surrounding me. I have uncovered some treasures in my effort to unclutter my life in preparation for this Christmas. Some of the items that may seem like “clutter” have significant value when itemized while being unvalued as part of a pile in the corner. Some of them have heritage value in that they are a significant tile from the mosaic that has made up my life thus far. Other things have symbolic value in that they represent or make me think about something important to me. For example,

Cassette tapes with the voices of loved ones. I wish I had recorded more of my grandparents sharing times. I am blessed to still have those voices in my minds ears even though they were not caught on tape.

Slides, movies, videos and pictures of people, events and places. It is amazing how our minds can transform us back and allow us to almost hear and smell Christmases of the past.

I have my grandma Berge’s letter opener that I made for her. She undoubtedly used it to excitedly open letters that contained news of family. Many times those letters were the only real contact she had with some of her loved ones. I still remember which buffet drawer she kept it in and for me to have it on my shelf is an honor.

I even have my first grade report card where my teacher reported to my parents that I was having a struggle with organization and neatness. I have large items and small items and precious little time to ponder them.

I feel very blessed today.


Joyful Days said...

Loved this post! As you know, I am a collector of "valuable stuff"--you even helped move it once!! LOL!

We have some film from Mike's childhood. We want to share that with the boys. Maybe this year.


Pastor Jeff Arp said...

What a great reminder that the most valuable things in our life often don't come with price tags and "money-back guarantees"! In fact, many of the "valuables" of our life would be considered of non-value to many, but the most valuable things in our lives are what makes us who we are. Thanks for bringing this truth home for me!