Friday, March 6, 2009

Ramping up

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit with a history buff. As we talked about efficiency, he brought up the efficiency of the industrial output duriong World War II. The concept of ramping up efficiency came into full force. I am told that the output of tanks went from 2 tanks a day up to 2000 per hour. The tire drives, aluminum foil drives and other material drives got the whole country involved in the process. The ramping up dynamic will work spiritually in our lives as well. If we will drive toward the truths of scripture and get everything out of them that we can, we will find mighty power is available. I am convinced that my efficiency level can go up every day if I make the effort. It starts with the decision to do so, then happens only when I act on that decision. When I start actually doing that which I have, up to this point, only said I will do, then I get the traction to move. I am making my list of things that need to move from thoughts to actions.

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