Monday, July 27, 2009

Some of the sermon notes from yesterday:

Integrity is a way of life. Demonstrated integrity is the basis for dependable, consistent information, decision-making, and delegation of authority.
-Army Command Policy
AR 600-20

In Pursuit of what God has called us to do.
What is it that God has called us to do. We need healthy prophetic ministry to keep us fresh in our battle.
We need to keep the Word of the Lord in front of us. Fight the fight through the promises in the Word of God given to us in our call.

Saul lost the bearings of his purpose for life
1 Samuel 13
1 Samuel 17
When it came to Goliath:
David saw his opportunity differently than eith Saul or the nation of Israel
Israel saw an enemy that wanted to kill them
David saw a man who was defying the army of the living God.

It’s all the same guy.

Prayer: God- Change the way we think.

Demonstrating Integrity in our call

Five significant characteristics of demonstrating integrity:

Behave honestly in your interactions
Ensure that the highest standards for ethical behavior
Avoid political and self-serving behavior.
Courageously stand up for what you believe in.
Be a role model for living God’s values.

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