Friday, August 14, 2009

Engaging the culture

One of the principles that Jesus used as an example for us is that of engaging the culture. I read a quote this morning from John Burke, pastor of Gateway Community Church in Austin Texas. This is what He says about our involvement with our culture:

"No longer can our churches afford to stand on the cliffs high above the cultural mudslide, chastising people for not climbing out of the mess to come up to higher ground. I believe it's time for Christian leaders, tethered to the lifeline of God's Spirit and a community of faith, to gather up courage and plunge into the swirling mess of the cultural flow."

The question has always been whether we should ask God to show up of if He is asking us to show up. God is already there. The art of connecting people to God in the midst of where they are is what missions outreach needs to be about. God is willing to take us to higher ground, but the concept that we need to take people to higher ground before they can meet God is upside down.

Let's head out to the trenches today. God is already there.

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