Thursday, August 13, 2009

Change up

Last night was the final lesson from the book: "Exploring Worship" by Bob Sorge. The worship team has for the past several months been studying this book together. Each week, I have taken something significant away from the class. We have learned that we are barely scratching the surface on what is available to us in the realm of worship, or "attributing worth" to God. When we become predictable in our worship leadership, we run the risk of "canned" response to God and are in danger of excluding the Holy Spirit's input.

However, there is scriptural precedence to some predictability of our spiritual expression. For example, It was the cusom of Daniel to open his chamber window and do his daily prayers. People knew that and expected him to do it. In Daniel's case, these daily prayers kept him fresh in his communication with God. Daily devotional times and prayer times are a healthy expression of worship. I need to constantly work on keeping those times fresh with an open mind to allow God to throw a "change up". God's message is predictable, His method varies as much as the colors of the rainbow. This diversity makes our daily walk with God exciting instead of mundane.
He wants us to try new approaches and new methods. As I follow Jesus in the gospels, I find that He seemed to use different methods each time He dealt with someone. He was unpredictable in how he was going to heal but the result was always a healing.

Try to be less predictable today.

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