Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trust matters

I read a quote this morning from Stephen Covey in his book "The Speed of Trust":

"Results matter! They matter to your credibility. They matter to your ability to establish and maintain trust with others."

I went to a class last evening that dealt wth our roles in improving the people around us. Five keys that we talked about were:

1. Setting clear expectations. These must be communicated and brought clearly into focus. Targets and goals need to be in view for us to set our aim.

2. Create conditions for success. The decisions I make today need to be in line with my stated expectations. Staying the course and supporting leadership are some of those conditions.

3. Hold the system accountable. This means that I need to use data and monitor my progress. Applying pressure for accountability is not always pleasant but it pays great dividends.

4. Build goodwill in those around us. They need to be able to see what I think is urgent and that I carry this thing called "hope" in large enough measure to give some to them.

5. Learn together with the team. The conversations I have today will be sources of learning. If I have a commitment to improve, I will deliberately grow.

At the center of all this is my need to have a passion for and trust in God. When I have a passion for God, it creates a passion for other things. The way I steward the "other things" will be the real test of the authenticity of my love for God. In other words, The things we give ourselves to today will prove how much we really love God.

First John 4:20 tells us that if we love God it will be measurable by our love for people.

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