Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Divine Opportunities

A quote from G.K.Chesterson:

“There is the great man who makes every man feel small, but the really great man is the man who makes every man feel great.”

A quote from Henry David Thoreau:

“The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal amount of time.”

A quote from John Maxwell:

“Character is the sum of my behaviors, public and private, consistently arranged across the entire spectrum of my life.”

Last night I had the opportunity to visit with a retired pastor in the halls of a nursing home. He doesn’t live there, but his wife does as a dementia patient. He spends most of the day there with her. It became obvious right off the bat that this man has a story to share from over 50 years in the ministry. I found a new friend in that meeting. I believe God gives us divine opportunities like that every day if we let Him.

As I left was reminded of the man who spent day after day at the nursing home with his wife who no longer remembered who he was. He was asked why he keeps coming day after day if she doesn’t know who he is. His response has been a beacon for me in the area of character. He said, “It may be that she no longer knows who I am, but I know who she is.”


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Pastor Jeff Arp said...

Your blog is a tremendous resource! You remind me of that chorus we used to sing, "I've got a river of life flowing out of me." You are a fire hydrant of living water my friend!