Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weeds in the Driveway

Almost every day something happens that causes me to say “There’s a sermon in that!” It just reminds me that everything that occurs in our lives has potential in it. People are always asking me how I find time to prepare sermons with my sometimes crazy schedule. My response is that life is full of sermon material. Most sermon prep takes place in everyday experience and at some time during the week I actually sit down at the computer and place it on paper. Although as in last week’s, what was said didn’t really “follow the notes”.

For example, last night we were working to get rid of weeds between the cracks in the driveway. These particular weeds were holding on for dear life and not giving me enough stem to pull up. We had to get the shovel to get the job done. The driveway looks much better this morning. But, since we just cut them off with the shovel, they still have their roots and I am sure they will be back. I think I heard them snickering down there. Today, It’s time for “Round up!!!!” Let’s see them survive that.

Back to the sermon thing. There will always be weeds in the driveways of life. We can trim them off to be just below the surface, or we can hit them at the root and be rid of them for good. Jesus tells us to let some weeds be as they might damage the crop if we pull them up. Sort those out at harvest time. But weeds in the driveway? They’re outta Here!!!!!!

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