Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taking the scenic route

The past few days I have been on the scenic route instead of the short cut. In a schedule like I normally have, the value of the lessons learned on the scenic route can get missed. For each of the last two days I have had an evening moment of standing at a point overlooking countryside that is not found along the main thoroughfare. The condition of the heart is improved in times like that. The decisions made in life are most influenced by the condition of the heart, which when set on things above, helps us have a positive impact on our world. It is a dangerous rut to always be looking for the short cuts in life. I have often said that we are really into microwaving and God in more into marinating. I find that the scenic route does not relieve me of daily decisions and duties. The cell phone still rings, people in desperate situations still need prayer, bills still need to be paid and emails need to be answered, but if I have an improved condition of heart because I have taken time to be with God, my efficiency goes up. I think I need to pray more and my prayers are better on the scenic route.

“Prayer is where the action is."
-John Wesley

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