Friday, July 31, 2009

Turtle strategies

This is a repeat of a blog I wrote a couple years ago but every once in awhile I need the reminder.

Craig Groeschel in his book, “Confessions of a Pastor” tells of his ponderings of the turtle in the road. He wonders at the survival instinct of the turtle to pull it’s head into his shell at the approach of a car on the road he is trying to cross.

“ Whenever I drive by a turtle, I have to chuckle at his survival instinct. There he is, his bony little head sticking out of that long skinny neck. Then he sees my car approaching, he pulls in his limbs and head. I can’t stop wondering about turtle psychology: Does this illusion of safety really give him peace of mind? Is he I there lounging back in his armchair, smoking a little cigar, reading poetry? Does he really believe that the car tire ceases to exist just because he cant see it? I suppose millions of turtles throughout history have achieved a last few seconds of peace using this strategy.”

Groeschel’s point is that the turtle gets off better than we do. We have no peace when we pull into our shell and close out the rest of the world. The truth is that inside of our shell we are more vulnerable than ever.

Today, I am asking myself to find those areas where I am hiding in my shell and deal with them. Should be interesting!

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