Monday, August 3, 2009

How Big is God?

Yesterday I preached a sermon about Psalm 145. It is as though David emptied his pen to write about the greatness of God. So many of his Psalms tell of pain in life , while this one goes upward telling of the greatness of God. We need both kinds of focus.

In the end praise swallows up all our griefs and complaints.

I noted the following action verbs he tells us to use in communicating how big God is.

Commend vs 4
Tell vs 4
Speak vs 5
Meditate vs 5
Tell vs 6
Proclaim vs 6
Celebrate vs 7
Sing vs 7

Here are four truths about God to form the heart of our praise:

God's Greatness

God's Goodness

God's Glory

God's Grace

“Big men have a little God. Little men have a big God” (J.B.Phillips)

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