Tuesday, August 25, 2009


"You can look like a duck, but if you don't waddle and quack, you are a decoy."
-Kenny Luck

What is your signature today? If I am to be a "man of faith in God", the main characteristic of my life needs to be faith expressed through obedience. If we are known for anything today it should be our willingness to respond to God's direction no matter what the risk. I read a line this morning that said loss for the sake of loss is stupidity. But suffering loss, real or imagined, for obedience to Christ is faith at its very best. God loves prompt obedience. I don't want God waiting for me to decide if I am going to obey. God has patience, but I hope He doesn't need to be using it constantly on me.

I've read Revelation 22 (The end of the Book), We Win!!!!!!

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