Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Down the Drain

One of the things in life that keeps us fresh is the drain process. We really are designed to replenish. rest replenishes our energy, the well replenishes our water, our salaries replenish our bank accounts etc. When we are tired, we say we are drained. When we are in the flood we look for a place for the water to drain. When we spend money unwisely, we say it was "money down the drain". A clogged drain causes stagnant stuff to remain.

Lessons about drains:

1. Identify where they are.
It is a frustrating thing to have unexpected drainage happening. People and resources that disappear for unknown reasons can be a dangerous symtom of leakage. In the church world, we need to make sure we identify which programs are drains to the system and are simply zapping the energy.

2. Keep them unclogged.
Clogged drains are the ones that we want to drain but cannot because of obstructions. There are many things that can clog the drains in life. If we can't get rid of the stagnant things, we have no room for the new waters that are available. There are few things more frustrating that passing up opportunities simply because we can't move old stuff out.

3. Know where they lead.
I need to know who I am dumping on. We have all felt the strain of having someone elses drainage fall into our lives and losing our own precious things down the drain. If we have a program that is draining people, I need to rescue them and for that reason, I need to know the destination of that pipe.

4. Maintain a good stopper.
In show business and style shows they have what they call the "Show Stopper". This is the thing that brings everyone to a halt and causes a pause. A good plan to stop or plug the drain can help us hold onto things until it is time to release them. Unlike the clog, the stopper is easily removed and has a definite purpose.The stopper is not usually used when the tub is used as a shower but is required if we need to take a bath.

We will do well to identify and maintain the drains in our lives.

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